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Village Referral

    Instructions to fill the form below:

  • All field are mandatory and should be filled for a village to be considered for implementation under Lighting a Billion Lives programme.
  • Decision regarding final selection of village rests with TERI.
  • Please read the village selection criteria before submitting a village to us for consideration:
  1. Un-electrified villages or hamlets/ electrified villages with intermittent supply of electricity
  2. Significant percentage of un-electrified households and kerosene consuming households
  3. Demand for lighting products and willingness to pay by villagers
  4. Existence of an operational NGO(s)
  5. Availability of entrepreneur(s)
  • id
  • date time
  • Number of households
  • No. of lanterns required
  • Electrification status of the village
  • If village is electrified or partially electrified, hours of electricity supply in the evening/night
  • Average consumption of kerosene per households (collect through Focus Group Discussion)
  • Any other lighting source used in the village
  • Average cost incurred per household per month on lighting from all sources
  • Willingness to pay the rent by the villagers
  • Is there any NGO that you would like us to refer to

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