IAA India Chapter launches

The India Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) has rolled out a public service campaign to mobilize funds ...

Indiantelevision.com 29 July 2009

Raise a Billion People out of Poverty Without Destroying the ...

We'd been joined now by Akanksha Chaurey, an expert on solar photovoltaics. Chaurey told me about a new TERI ...

One Earth 15 May 2009

A collaborative effort can only save the planet!

A 21st century business has new kind of responsibilities. Today's enterprise needs to be an integral member of the ...

The Economic Times 6 May 2009

The lantern has changed the lifestyle here

For the residents of Jhamvu Vas Village, TERI's solar lantern has changed their lives completely. The success of the ...

The Economic Times 6 May 2009

A profit of its kind!

Leadership and initiative can help transform lives. Realising this, many entrepreneurs like SD Khola, from Sunaria Village in Rewari ...

The Economic Times 6 May 2009

Here comes the Sun

TERI's 'Lighting a Billion Lives' (LaBL) Campaign aims to bring light through solar energy to a million rural homes ...

The Economic Times 6 May 2009

Charged Up

It was at the opening ceremony of the Delhi Sustainable Summit in February 2008, that I first came to ...

The Economic Times 6 May 2009

Nature, the benign banker

We have been borrowing from nature heavily and in a nonrefundable basis. But, there comes a time when even ...

The Economic Times 6 May 2009

Spain announces Rs 50 lakh grant to TERI

Recognising the pioneering role played by The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) to combat climate change, Spain today announced ...

The Economic Times 1 April 2009

Light our way out

As it happens, unfortunately, we have been conditioned to adopt solutions used only in developed countries, seldom seeking innovative ...

The Hindustan Times 8 March 2009

Lighting a Billion Lives

For most of us, it is hard to imagine how life comes to a standstill after dusk fall.Inadequate lighting ...

UniTi Newsletter, Vol 2 Issue 7 March 2009

Changing perceptions | Marketing tactics take on a green hue

The Energy and Resources Institute’s, or Teri’s, ongoing Lighting a Billion Lives initiative to distribute 200 million solar lanterns ...

HT Mint 3 February 2009

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